Listing Your Private Investigation Agency in Private Eye Directories

As with any business, private investigators need to market and advertise their business to attract potential clients. Private investigators have a variety of marketing options to choose from – online, print, radio, TV, and more.  A wise businessperson rarely ever puts all of their marketing dollars in one basket.  It is usually a good idea to experiment with a variety of marketing and advertising options to see what works best for your type of business.

Online Marketing and Advertising for Your Detective Agency

Due to its comparatively low cost and potential to reach a large audience, online advertising has become a standard component in most marketing plans.

One great way to promote your private investigation agency, your private investigator services, and your P.I. website is to get listed in online private investigator directories.  Online investigation directories provide a quick and easy way to expose your business to hundreds or even thousands of potential clients.

One challenge with online private investigation directories is there are a number of different directories to choose from. If it’s in your budget, we recommend registering with multiple directories to increase your exposure. Potential clients often turn to the web as a first step to learn about your business. Even if they receive a referral from a reliable source, they are likely to check you out on the web before contacting you.

If a potential client conducts a Google search and your company information turns up in multiple legitimate directories, it may increase the legitimacy of your business in the client’s mind.

Value of Listing Your Firm in a P.I. Directory

When evaluating the various directories, consider the popularity of the website as a whole. The more popular the website, the more value the link to your website will be. Most search engines count links to your website as a “vote” when determining search engine rankings.

But it is not just the number of votes that count.  It is the quality of those votes that will help your website rise higher in search engine rankings. Registering with quality directories will ensure quality, beneficial links to your website. That, in turn, will drive potential clients right to your front door.

Questions and Comments

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